Madama Butterfly: Opera San Jose

“The sense of power and assertiveness is reinforced by Trevor Neal, who uses his rich baritone and natural presence to play the fiery Sharpless…”

Michael J. Vaughn/ Operaville

“ Both reasonable and resigned as the US Consul Sharpless, baritone Trevor Neal stood firmly in voice with smoldering warmth of tone. Neal brought out Sharpless’ reading of the letter from Pinkerton in an Act 2 highlight with robust show of compassion as CIO-CIO San blindly believes she will be re-united in marital harmony.”

Paul Selar / The Herald Sun

“Trevor Neal’s smoky and booming baritone as Sharpless conveys his sincerity and the anguish that he feels for the native and vulnerable Butterfly.”

Victor Cordell/ ForAllEvents

Street Scene: Virginia Opera

All of the singing actors should  be saluted because they deserve it. However, one must be singled out because he sings what could be the moral of the opera – “I Got a Marble and a Star.” Trevor Neal’s inspired rendition gets into your mind so deeply that you may wake up the next day with it repeating in your mind.”

Paul Kuritz

La Traviata: Opera San Jose

…Trevor Neal was an imposing Giorgio Germont, his physical stature and orotund baritone impressively illuminating the character. Verdi gives Germont some of the opera’s best music and a wonderful theatrical arc, and Mr. Neal took full advantage of the opportunity. His sonorous, mellifluous delivery was marked by beautifully shaped phrases and incisive theatrical insights”.

James Sohre/Opera Today

Der Freischütz: Virginia Opera

“Trevor Neal, a member of the company’s Herndon Foundation Emerging Artists program, used his rich baritone to keen effect as Kilian.” 

Tim Smith/Opera News